Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas parties and such….

Next week is our University faculty and staff Christmas party. At first I couldn’t think of what to make as a dish. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

I found these….

Simple Christmas Tree Brownies cute!

image via: Betty Crocker Recipes Flickr


Christmas tree Brownies!!

I think Jaxon will get a kick out of helping me me make them too! LOL!

I’ll let ya know how they turn out.

It is almost December!! Are you ready for Advent?

We are making our Advent wreath this week too! Can’t wait to share!




Anita Robinson said...

Great idea! Also might do your Christmas popcorn from 2 years ago. What a great compliment for Brighton to post your popcorn on Pinterest!

Tiffany said...

Anita that is AWESOME! I didn't know they posted it! That made my day!! The Christmas popcorn is soooooo YUMM!! I'm just warning may not want to share!! XoXo-Tiffany

affectioknit said...

...those are so CUTE!...

~Have a lovely day!